Montreal, Paris,Tunis


recruitment (1)


  • Local and international recruiting of board of director members, executive managers, and middle managers through our offices in Montreal, Paris, and Tunis.
  • Analytics support, needs assessment, and drafting of task descriptions.
  • Follow-up and support for recruit integration and retention.
  • A wide range of psychometric tests with the help of seasoned industrial psychologists.


A custom offering of a variety of modules that meet your specific training needs :

  • Change management
  • Talent management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Workplace happiness
  • Team building
  • Conflict management
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  • Development of the employer’s brand, positioning, and appeal.
  • Development of innovative recruitment and retention strategies using the expertise of our internationally recognized consultants.
  • Emphasis on the candidate, business, and HR marketing experiences.


  • Identification and development of exceptional leaders to bolster their capabilities for innovation, accelerate their growth, and improve their performance.
  • Development of assessment solutions based on tried and tested psychometric standards, as well as leadership skill development solutions tailored to each client’s strategic challenged and context.
  • Development of a succession plan by identifying and supporting candidates with great potential.


  • Agri-food and consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Banking and financial sectors
  • Investment capital
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Engineering consulting
  • Start-ups and medium-sized enterprises
  • Government and public sector
  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Communications and media
  • Business services
  • Technology
  • Non-profit organizations


  • President and Board of Directors
  • Senior management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Accounting and finances
  • Human resources
  • Legal affairs
  • Project management
  • Engineering and production
  • Research and development
  • Logistics and supply
  • WEB 2.0