The summit is performance, determination, and optimal achievement. It is also the peak of excellence in working methods and client relations.

The summit is performance, determination, and optimal achievement. It is also the peak of excellence in working methods and client relations. Finally, it’s our most prized values, which are passion and integrity. To share the summit as leaders, Everest proposes cooperative excellence.

The EVEREST team offers you 20 years of experience in recruiting. Our firm has distinguished itself through its simplicity, dedication, and efficiency.

By listening to our clients and truly understanding their needs, market realities, and current and future positioning, EVEREST is able to propose the most appropriate solution for every specific need. To be a business partner, one must, above all, make a difference by offering a personalized service and, using a structured approach to access market know-how, find opportunities where no one else has thought to look.

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For us, fulfilling our mandates effectively is not the sole criterion for success. We also strive to build a relationship with our clients that is anchored in understanding and mutual trust.

This partnership is embodied by our proximity policy that we put into practice daily by listening to our clients’ concerns, taking part in their events and industry events, and sharing with them our professional network and sectoral expertise.

Our vision of this relationship is realistic, not idyllic. “The client is king” is not a concept that we take lightly. To us, the client is more than a king; the client is our co-pilot on an intricate journey of need and skill assessment, recruiting, and talent development.

We share our own values with our clients while embracing theirs. This sharing forms the foundation of our partnerships and goes beyond the mere delivery of services. In the medium and long terms, each partner seeks to earn the trust of the other.

“Behind every result, there’s always a strong partnership.”

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Our values

We strive for excellence in all our mandates. Our market experience and expertise allow us to guide our clients to the summit, attaining their objectives and ours.
Our relationships are established on the basis of honesty and trust. We keep our promises and meet our clients’ expectations.
Complex mandates, specific talents, strategic projects—we have the means to meet all your needs, deadlines, and expectations.
Our passion drives our work; it gives us all the energy we need to achieve our clients’ goals. Our passion for our work and the joy of mutual success gets us out of bed every day.
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Our team

Walid Kanzari
Associate Director - North America and Europe
Salma Ben Hassine
Sourcing Team Leader
Yassine Kanzari
Associate Director - Middle East and Africa

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