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Proud to be partner with our clients in the search and development of talent and leadership.

We have built several management teams that have propelled our local and international clients to growth and achievement.

We count among our accomplishments hundreds of recruitments in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Amoung our recruitments

Les Amériques
Angelica Cortinovis
General Manager - Italy
Elise Grondin
National Sales Director
Olga Verhovscaia
Chief Financial Officer
Aymeric Join-Lambert
General Manager
Daniel Haché
Customer Service and Logistic Manager
Marie Ève Pigeon
Director of Regulatory Affairs
Mario Maillet
General Manager
Sébastien Lachapelle
Sales Vice President
Nicolas Vasnier
Corporate Director Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Sandra Beadry
National Sales Director
Nicolas Lefebvre
Executive Vice President
Isabelle champagne
Sales and Marketing Vice President
Jean Francois Marcil
Maintenance Manager
Gerry Timotheatos
Senior Director of Merger and Acquisition
Tammy Wallace
Sales Director
Pierre Lapierre
Training Manager
Rejean Drouin
R&D Manager
Graham Robinson
Senior Finance Manager, Business Controlling
Alexandre Blier
Project Manager
Marc Poulin
IT Director
Nathalie Gauthier
Marketing and Innovation Director
Julie Dionne
Marketing Director
Stephen Kirouac
Energy and Building Manager
James Hong
Principal Manager (FP & A)
Abdelhak Senouci
IT Director
Cassandra Ranno
Category Manager
Fabio Valencia
Account Director
Marc L'Ecuyer
Services Director
Christian Martel
Manager, Comparative Analyst
Juan Garzon-Funes
Quality Director
Martine Dubé
Sales Director
Ginette Presseault
R&D Director
Carl Whittom
Claude Lalongé
Manager - Soil Conservation
Manuela Jarry
Product Development Director
Pierre Lecavalier
Vice President Research and Development

MENA region and Europe
Upcoming appointment
iOS Development Responsible
Chaima Solli
Communication and Social Media Manager
Ghazi Ben Hamida
Customer Experience Director
Angelica Cortinovis
General Manager - Italy
Habiba Gueddes
Head of the Computer Graphics Department
Oumayna Brinis
Category Manager
Juliette Folz
R&D Vice President
Mohamed Ali Ben Jouida
IS Group Manager
Meher Jaoued
General Manager
Ons Askri
Category Manager
Mohamed Errais
Product Manager
Seif Ben Ameur
React Front End Development Leader
Ramla Louati
Angular Development Specialist
Sourour Daoud
Inside Sales Representative
Salma Ben Nahia
Computer Graphics Specialist
Anouar Ben Salha
Technical Projects Manager
Hachem Othmani
Product Owner
Radhouan Assili
Production Manager
Lotfi Rhaiem
Technical Manager
Boutheïna Gammar
Operations Manager
Rym Hanfi
HR Development Manager
Imen Ben Amara
Digital Marketing Manager
Naoufel Ben Yedder
Maintenance Manager
Feriel Ben Safta
IFRS Specialist Manager
Salma Ben Othman
Administrative Manager
Sihem Baccouri
Management Control Director
Aymen Rguez
Maintenance Manager
Dorra Tebaï
HR Manager
Saloua Annabi
Marketing and Development Director
Ons Jaâfoura
Financial Manager
Thouraya Khalfaoui
Design Manager
Souhé Jelassi
Category Manager
Safa Saâda
Technical Team Leader
Emna Hidri
Technical-Functional Manager
Mejdi Ben El Euchi
Director of Human Resources
Maher Ben Salah
Director of Fresh and Processed Products
Fadoua Daghari
SAP Manager
Aymen Khalifa
Finance Team Leader
Hosni Albouchi
Administrative and Financial Manager
Abir Langazou
Consultant for Stock Management
Eya Gmir
BI Analysis Manager